Friday, November 20, 2009

Presentation on writing for the Internet

I gave a talk on teaching Internet writing at an online teaching conference at Cal State Los Angeles last week. The talk put Internet writing in the context of the concept of IT literacy, then covered three types of Internet writing:

  • Conversational writing
  • Writing short documents
  • Collaborative writing
The presentation includes links to full presentations and teaching exercises on each of these types of writing.

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Chad Rutherford said...

These writing skills are becoming more and more necessary as not only technology is evolving but the way classes are taught too. It used to be you could get by in school without a computer but those days are surly gone. I graduated high school in 2000 but I remember taking a computer class my freshman year and the high school had about 75 computers for a student body of over 2,500. Not to mention we could only dream of internet connections faster than a dialup. Computers in the library and every classroom did make there way into the school, but not until later in my junior year. In addition when I was a freshman at a junior college there was not one class taught online now in comparison just about every department offers online classes. The point I’m trying to make with this comment though is just because you can write an “A” paper in English does not mean you are competent in conversational, short documents, and collaborative writing. It is encouraging to see these skills being taught not only on the college level but ideally they need to be addressed well before a student starts college.